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Mr. Zayas-García obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez Campus, and a Juris Doctor (Magna Cum Laude) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico’s School of Law. He further received an LL.M. in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center.

While in Law School, Mr. Zayas-García completed a Summer Internship as a Judicial Clerk at the Puerto Rico State Court, where he clerked for the Hon. Jaime J. Benero. He also engaged in Pro Bono work at the Puerto Rico Department of Consumer Affairs (“DACO” for its Spanish acronym) and became part of the Law School Dean’s Honor Roll.

After obtaining his Juris Doctor degree, Mr. Zayas-García worked in the private sector representing clients in various matters before the Puerto Rico State and Municipal Courts, including employment complaints, estate lawsuits and heir decrees, as well as in civil and criminal litigation. Prior to joining Reichard & Escalera LLC’s Tax Practice Group, Mr. Zayas-García also completed an internship at the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel – Small Business/Self Employed Division in Washington, D.C., where he gained experience in litigation issues before the United States Tax Court, Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting (“FBAR”) penalty assessments pursuant to the Bank Secrecy Act, tax issues relating to bankruptcy proceedings in U.S. possessions and territories, and Collection Due Process procedures.

Mr. Zayas-García is admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, and the United States Tax Court in Washington, DC. He is licensed as a Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and is also a member of the Puerto Rico Agronomist Association (“CAPR”).

Since joining Reichard & Escalera LLC in January 2019, Mr. Zayas-García has focused his practice in the procurement of tax exemptions and incentives, state and local (municipal) tax controversy, and transfers of tax credits. In addition, Mr. Zayas-García provides support on tax matters involving foreign and domestic clients engaged in manufacturing activities, export services, agroindustry and green energy production in Puerto Rico.

In February 2021, Mr. Zayas-García published the first agricultural law textbook in Puerto Rico titled “Derecho Agrario Puertorriqueño”. As of June 2021, Mr. Zayas-García became a professor and faculty member of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico’s School of Law where he has designed and offers courses on agricultural law and municipal tax law. As of January 2023, joined as a lecturer in the law school’s program for the first LL.M./M.S.L in Taxation in Puerto Rico.


Zayas-García, Ernesto J.

Senior Associate